BMW Assist! or do they!

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CAn anyone tell me why I am not entitled to subscribe to BMW Assist.
I have just purchased a New 5 Series 530D SE. it has fitted:- Sat Nav Professional, Professional fitted BMW phone Digial TV, I am next week taking my car into my local dealer to have the Horizan Tracker fitted, I have asked if they can set up the BMW assist facility, they have informed me that I can't,and that it should have been ordered and fitted at the factory.
I purchased the car in Germany and had it imported into the UK.Incidently before I ordered the car, I phoned BMW Customer Service, and asked them what services would I be entittled too being it is an imported car, they said that the warraty will entitled you to BMW Assit once the car arives in the UK.
I can activate the SOS button with a positive response!,so can anyone let me know why I can't activate Assist, I do understand that it is a subscription service. yearly of lifetime.
Many Thanks Alan UK
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