The Dragon Is A Monster !!!!!

Lawrenceville, GA
The drive up to The Dragon Tail was definitely worth it. We got some rain, but that didn't hinder the "spirited" driving. We bumped into some locals that took the lead. We ran with a with a pair of 82' E30's, an E46 M3, my E39 540i, an E31 850, and Lopez' RX-7 who left the E70 X-5 at home for fear that the Dragon would devour it whole! Luckily, we went early Saturday morning as planned and encountered only 1 cop, 1 street bike, and very light traffic, who actually politely pulled to the side to allow us to pass! Great scenery and definitely a "must-drive" but definitely not the place to take off the DSC! Couldn't imagine this place in the summer with tons of cops and traffic.... I definitely wouldn't go near it. We will do it again next year and check the almanac for dryer days! Definitely check out the 2 videos of an aggressive run thru the Dragon shot from the cabin of the M3 and the RX-7 & M3 going head-to-head on the open road. I'll send out a link when the video and other photos are posted to my website. Happy driving!!!